The project focuses on supporting the preparation and the implementation of the European Universities Games in Lodz in July 2022. Its main objective is to bring quality support for the preparation, implementation as well as monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of the event. Exceptional focus in the project will be given to the social inclusion in sport in terms of inclusion of people with disabilities in the sport programme as well as other groups with fewer opportunities, through series of activities before and during the event. Social inclusion will be implemented through sport activities but will also reflect in the approach to all matters regarding the event – organizers, volunteers and participants. Attention will be brought also to the skills development through experience of organizing an event like this for a wider group of people - leaders, who will transfer gained knowledge and skills into further work in sports. Therefore, few work packages will be presented, each in relation to those priorities as a part of European Universities Games event. Priorities of the event and the applicant organization correspond closely with the directions set by European Commision in documents on sport. The project foresees activities planned not only to implement and support the event, but also by doing that, ensuring that those activities will bring positive change in the future on both national and international level for sport organizations and community. Event will gather participants from around 30 countries – 9 organization from them are Associated Partners in this project.


social inclusion, sport for people with disabilities, university sport, sport event.